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Sunrise Lumber and cedar split rail fence

Est. 1990
custom cedar milling

Telephone:  360-864-8624 mill  360-748-1757 home

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hours in the winter

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4633 Jackson Highway, Winlock Washington

Here at Sunrise Lumber and split rail Fencing we take pride in serving the greater Puget Sound, Southwest Washington and Northwestern Oregon area and cities of Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Chehalis, Centralia, Longview and Portland and many more beyond this area!

 We can deliver to these areas ourselves and to areas outside this area we use a reliable local carrier, Oak Harbor Freight please call for shipping prices.

shipping cost

We are located in Western Washington, the average shipping cost outside my local area (about 150 miles) from Chehalis,  shipping to Southern California would be the same price as the material, an example would be $1000 for material then the shipping would be $1000, Midwest $2000, East Coast $3000.

 If the orders and large, 2000' or more I can ship full containers by rail for a substantial savings. In the past people have went together to put these orders together to make it more affordable.

Check out my Facebook and youtube  sites they are brand new.

I have many more pictures of how I make my gates, how I get my logs and photos of fences on the facebook page also I have videos up on youtube

 Our  Rustic Split Cedar fencing is all hand split Western Red Cedar by someone that is an experienced artisan, not machine split, so every fence is very unique, no two fences are the same.

We drill a round hole (mortise) in the post and hand shape the rail (tenon) to fit the hole, it allows for a nice fit that cant slip out also you can turn the rail to face it any way you want. We have sold to high school groups for projects in parks and also Boy Scout groups to put up. There is very little fitting and you can go up hill or down hill also sideways.

Another thing that we excel in is custom fences, do you need non standard post and rail sizes? Different hole spacing? We can do it and it doesn’t cost extra!!

A new item we are offering is split cedar posts for livestock.

Need a cedar split rail gate? We make those also so they match the fences perfectly. We  first start out with cedar stock that splits flat then mill the edges so the pieces are all the same width, next we use a lap joint that keeps the gate square, the next step is putting in two hardwood dowels at each corner, lastly we use waterproof glue to finish it. Solid as a rock and they will last a lifetime!! See link below.


  While our fences are mostly decorative and can be used to define areas, wonderful for Wetlands Delineation and we even make corrals for horses or cattle. I was concerned horses would chew on the fence but one customer said my fences are so rustic the horses stay away from it!

Mortise (Round Holes) in Posts and Tenon (Rounded Ends) on Rails

Two rail fence 5' posts 10' rails $4.00 per L. F. includes ends and corners, 100' = $400

Three rail fence 5' posts 10' rails $5.00 per L. F. includes ends and corners 100' = $500

Two rail fence 6' posts 10' rails $5.00 per L. F. includes ends and corners, 100' = $500

Three rail fence 6' posts 10' rails $6.00 per L. F. includes ends and corners 100' = $600

Three rail fence 8' posts 10' rails $8.00 per L. F. includes ends and corners 100' = $800

Custom Fence Orders: We will custom cut any size fence piece you need.  Please Email for prices.



10' Rail  straight, no tenon $10.00

Square "Stacking" 10' Rail  $12.00

8' Rail  straight, no tenon $8.00


Livestock fence posts

7'-- $7.00


7 1/2'--$7.50


8'-- $8.00


  We are available to custom mill lumber

to your specific needs.


We also run a very unique  custom cutting bandsaw milling operation. 20 years ago we engineered and built a vertical 36 inch bandsaw with a conventional bellsaw carriage. One thing that is great about this setup is the mill uses 2 inch wide blades compared to the narrower blades on most portable mills, cutting flatter and straighter than most other mills. We can mill as short as 12 inches or 26 feet long.

We have milled logs for many things, from Musical Instruments and fine furniture to, bows, canoes, and many more things. We have cut many species, Exotics, Cedar, Fir, Maple, figured and spalted, Ash, Oak and many more.

We mostly custom cut top grade cedar now.
Board and Batton, bevel siding, beams, post and beam material, log cabin stock, door and window stock and also the frames, trim, raised garden beds, rustic shelves and mantels, natural edge material.
We have a lot of Western Red Cedar logs in stock for your needs



WE NOW DELIVER! - please email us your zip code at for
a delivery cost estimate.